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1826 Neponset Village Map
Section of Edmund J. Baker's 1826 map of Neponset Village, Milton

1826 Neponset Village Map

Edmund J. Baker drew this extraordinary map based on his August 1826 survey of Milton Village. While the buildings are not precisely represented,1 the sheer size and detail of the map make it a valuable and beautiful resource. Best of all, it can be admired in person in the History Room on the second floor of the Milton Public Library. You can peruse just a piece of it here in detail by clicking on the image above and scrolling around; just click again to return here.

Born in 1804, Baker was a postmaster and historian accorded great respect by his contemporaries. Grandson of both patriot Daniel Vose and chocolate pioneer Dr. James Baker, he had a direct connection to the town's most auspicious 18th century roots. His interest and conversations with that generation, such as Rachel Vose, make him an important source.2

1Hamilton, Edward Pierce. "The Suffolk Resolves House Controversy Reviewed," October 1953.