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1831 sampler by Marianna Woodward 19th-century sampler by Elizabeth Sanderson


The ubiquity of samplers in historic houses speaks to their significance in the lives of 19th-century women. The Suffolk Resolves House holds four, as well as a needlework family tree. Their condition varies, sunlight being the greatest enemy, while heat and humidity combine to darken textiles and degrade dyes. Look past the obvious aging, though; note the careful stitches and imagine the vibrant hand which "wrought" them.

Above on the left is Marianna Woodward's, from 1831. She was a great-granddaughter of Daniel and Rachel Vose. On the right is Elizabeth Sanderson, of Milton. Below, respectively, is the fine craftsmanship of Sarah Farrington (1804), Mary Hunt (1817), and Mary C. Daniels (1830). Click on each to enlarge and examine.

1804 sampler by Sarah Farrington

1817 sampler by Mary Hunt

Daniels Family Tree by Mary C. Daniels, 1830