Milton Historical Society
US Christian Commission letterhead

U.S. General Hospital1
York Penn.
Oct 8th 1864

Dear Father,

I have been putting of writing for you to get one home thinking they might transfer me to Mass or perhaps give me a Furlough but as they dont seem inclined to do either & as I have taken more medicine now than has been good for me to no purpose I want you to try & get me Home for I think you can do so without much trouble. Some of the Mass Men have got home by their friends, there.

It is awful cold here now and as I have no Overcoat or Woolen Shirts I feel it all the time: there has been a very sudden change since yesterday and I have got quite a Cold: I felt pretty well for a few days while we had good weather but now it takes hold of my Back & I feel very bad all the time.

I think I would'nt have to come out here again if I could once get home & I hope you will go right to someone who will get me there. If I could get home I'd get over this in a short time, if I dont, so much the worse it will be for me.

I have written to Lute but for nearly 4 weeks have not heard a word from any one or from the Regt. since I left it. Please write the Minute you get this and tell me if you can do anything for me.

Give my Love to Mother and all the Family & accept the same from your Aff. Son Henry.

Direct —

Geo H. Moulton
Ward 3 U.S. General Hospital
York, Penn

(Co I 38th Mass)


1 Hospital stationery with printed letterhead — Henry used this stationery on all his correspondence while infirmed at the U. S. General Hospital in York, PA.