Milton Historical Society
I have referred the communication of yourself and other Mass in York Hospl. to the Medical Director, Department of the Susquehannah, who will, I trust grant your request.1

1 This is the only letter addressed to Henry in the "Moulton Collection." Col. Gardiner Tufts of Lynn was the State Military Agent with oversight responsibility of Mass soldiers in sixty hospitals in and near Washington, D. C.
Col. Tufts' letter books are available on microfilm at the Massachusetts Archives in Dorchester, MA. Henry's "favor" (i.e. letter) that triggered the Colonel's response was not included in the letter books, however, in addition to a copy of above letter, there was a second letter by the colonel which may never have been sent. It's also dated October 10, 1864, and states: "Dear Sir, I reply to your favor of the 6th instant. I have to say that there is as yet no regular transfer to Hospitals in Mass. The Hospital at Readville is full and the one at Worcester is not yet ready, but soon will be, when a transfer will be made."