Milton Historical Society


Wells Me. Aug 21st 1905



Hon. V. Warner Com. of Pensions

Your letter and requirements rec'd in reply would say, you have my Husband's initials wrong his was George H. Moulton not George F. as is on the papers last sent. The card sent me July 7th 1905 announcing my claim was received June 29th 1905 had the name right George H Moulton Co. I. 38th Mass. Inf. and I think the date of death was a mistake of the department, for I am sure I gave the date June 14th 1905, as is right. It was also the anniversary of his being wounded at Port Hudson La, in 1863. He died between the hours of 8:30 and 9 o'clock A.M. by his own hand with a razor during an attack of "Acute Mania."

He was committed to the Insane Hospital at Augusta Me. Mar. 21st 1905, and came home June 8th, and died June 14, as I have stated. We were married Apr. 16th 1867 by the Rev. J. B. Cook of Wells, in the presence of 48 relations of us both. 24 have "now passed over to the other side" 14 now living. Ten years of our married life was very happy years. Neither of us ever married before.

Then came insanity to my husband, it was caused by a Partial sunstroke in May 1863. June 14 1863 he was on the colors, and was wounded in the left side and carried the bullet to his grave, as it could not be reached by probing, was again wounded at Opequan Creek, Sept. 19th 1864, was honorably discharged June 30th 1865. The Discharge & check, also his promotion to Corporal papers, are now in my possession, and the Certificate of honor given by the state of Mass. in 1870 by the Gov. Wm. Clafflin.

The sunstroke and hard service of the War during 2 years and 10 months wrecked his health and the last 28 years of our married life he had six different attacks of Acute Mania, was committed to the Insane Hospital 3 times. I cared for my husband when no one else would stay with him. He had always said "Carrie I will never harm you." My friends would urge me to leave and have him committed. I never did until the authorities took charge, and sent him from me.

God alone knows the hard life it has been, and my health is now broken. I have no means of support. I sold my house for I could not live alone since my husband died, for $1500, and I have to board with two maiden sisters 78.8, 76 years old, who have no means of support only their work. My husband was a Knight of Honor. He reduced his insurance in that organization to $1000. I have not received anything but hope too. I am not able to work as the last 10 months of my life has been a great strain on my health.

No one has agreed to support me, neither will any one, and I shall need my Pension which I believe to be due me. I have written this letter as I think it to be my duty to my dear Husband now at rest, and to myself. I have written you the whole truth and as such I hope you will receive it. I have no object in writing you a falsehood.

Very Respectfully

Caroline S. Moulton

Wells Maine

Box 18.

The required Papers will be duly forwarded to you.

C. S. M.


A scanned copy of Caroline's letter is here