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Lute is well and sends his love to all


Fortress Monroe

Dec 4th 1862

Dear Father

I take my Pen to write a few lines as it may be the last opportunity before we start. The transports are all ready and have got their Signals flying waiting for orders to take us South but how far I cant say. It may be to Charleston and it may be Texas at any rate we are going and we are all glad of it for we are tired of lying here and the sooner we leave the Boat the better for we have seen some hard times on it which we would not have had we been on Shore.

The Boys are all in good Spirits and our Company have very good Quarters which we shall keep while here. As we have not been on shore for a few days we have had noting to do and at night we lay in the Bunks Crowing and making Cat noises which would scare any common man.

I tied John Crossman's Legs with a Rope and passed it into the next Bunk & tied Albert Martin's.1 you had ought to have seen the squabbling in the morning. Crossman2 came into my Bunk yesterday & tried to put Ev Grant3 out, but we were too much for him & all such scrapes. I have had a good time for the last few days. Night before last was a beautiful Moonlight evening and I sat on Deck untill quite late looking at the swells and the Vessells coming in & going out. You did not write about the Money Lute & I sent. I hope you got it safe and want you to use my part of it. I am glad that Hattie is taken lesson's & I am willing to pay for it. do you think she can play well? I would like to be at home some night to sing with the little ones. How does little Charlie get along? I think he will make a smart Boy, don't you and Johnny he said you would not let him milk the Cows. I think you'd ought too for anything like that it's well to know.

but I must close as the Mail has gone & it will be luck & chance if I can get this ashore but I shall try hard.

Give my love to Mother & all & tell them to write.

Write soon for your letters are the best I get & most welcomed. My love to you From your Aff Son Henry

G.H. Moulton
Co I 38th Reg. Mass Vol.


1Albert Martin: A Milton soldier and acquaintance of Henry. He would not make it home.

2John Crossman is mentioned frequently in Moulton's letters. His photograph at right is from the MHS archives. He would be promoted to Corporal May 26, 1863 and Sergeant July 1, 1863.

3Ev Grant: Everett A Grant, another Milton soldier from Henry's company would later also be promoted to Corporal.